how can i revoke access of my wallet from third party merchants

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How can I revoke access of my wallet from third party merchants?

To revoke access from a particular third party merchant, you can simply do following:

  • Login to your account on Paytm
  • Go to your ‘Profile section’ by selecting from the drop down menu under your name.
  • Under your Profile section there would be a tab stating ‘Merchant Authorized by you’. This tab shows you the list of merchants linked to your wallet.
  • Using the Check and Cross symbols, you can easily update your settings.
  • To revoke access from all third party merchants, you can follow any of the below mentioned methods:
  • Change your account password as it automatically delete all linked merchants.
  • You can click on ‘Sign out from all sessions’ tab present under the ‘Personal Info’ tab in profile section of your wallet.